Why is gold not a good form of currency?

The currency is something that can be used as a medium of exchange and must have certain characteristics that have been known at least since the 17th century. Gold is the metal we'll turn to when other forms of currency don't work, which means that gold will always have value in difficult and good times. Our conclusion on gold is as follows. It is not money in the traditional sense of a currency in which transactions can be made.

For those interested in learning more about investing in gold, we recommend downloading our Free Gold IRA guide for more information. It is not a unit of account. We don't print financial statements in ounces or tons of gold. Instead, we use currencies to measure our financial status. At the end of the 19th century, many of the world's paper currencies were linked to gold at a fixed price per ounce according to an international monetary system known as the gold standard.

They saw the steady upward movement in gold prices as a confirmation that gold would continue to rise in value. Gold can stimulate a subjective personal experience, but it can also be objectified if adopted as an exchange system.